Forthcoming Book with Llewellyn Worldwide

Some of you know that I started writing my first astrology book 10 months ago. I sent it off to Llewellyn Worldwide – the most prestigious publisher in astrology, metaphysics, and the occult – back in November. It took about a fortnight for them to review it and offer to publish it.

The title is Discover the Aspect Pattern in Your Birth Chart. It is scheduled for release on February 8th, 2020.

The book is written for astrologers, to help them synthesize what’s really important in a birth chart. Aimed at the consulting astrologer, this book teaches a practical method for getting to the heart of a birth chart FAST! You’ll learn how to work efficiently, so you can see more clients in a day, and make more money as a result.

The book starts with an updated look at the chart patterns of Marc Edmund Jones and the aspect patterns of Bill Tierney. Other topics include chart imbalances, intercepted and duplicated signs, retrograde planets, and a whole lot more.

Free Lessons on Solar Arcs

The Astrology Lodge is planning its first astrology course. It’s free to all Come and learn forecasting with Solar Arc Directions. Taught by Glenn Mitchell, Ph.D, author of the forthcoming Llewelyn title, “Discover the Aspect Pattern in Your Birth Chart.”

This three-part course promises to cover the fundamentals of working with Solar Arcs. It’s the perfect introduction to our next course on Rectification.

They get started on Sunday, April 28, at 2PM EDT.

“Mitch” has the gift of taking complicated topics and making them simple enough for non-experts to understand.

Go to for more details.


The Moon entered Pisces yesterday. Today it headed toward a conjunction with Venus, Mercury, and Neptune. This is time when our highly intuitive and sensitized nature is felt. Energize the reality you desire. It’s an ideal time to develop a positive mindset

Astrological Factors Associated with Mass Shootings

I made another presentation today to the 2018 Kepler Conference. The topic was my recent research into astrological factors associated with mass shooting events (MSEs) in the United States. The discussion was lively. The audience was great. I promised to make the presentation available for download. So here it is. Just click on the link for the PowerPoint file.

Astrological Factors Associated with Mass Shootings.

Janus 5 – Customizing Interpretations

Astrology House has just released version 5 of their Janus astrology software. I’m still working on a more complete review, but it’s fair to say that Janus is reasonably priced and offers a set of features that is both broad and deep. It’s also easy to use.

To prove the latter point, I’m going to demonstrate how to customize the chart interpretations in Janus 5. No other astrology software makes this task so easy.

Janus comes with a very complete set of interpretations. For example, the aspect interpretations go beyond conjunctions, oppositions, trines, squares, and sextiles. It also includes semisquares, sesquiquadrates, and inconjuncts. There are interpretations for natal charts,  transits/progressions/directions, relocation, and synastry. You can even change the text for the pop-up interpretations.

Click here to take a look at the video.

How Do You Do That?

I was chatting about software reviews with David Cochrane, an owner of Cosmic Patterns Software and the software engineer behind Pegasus, Kepler, and Sirius.

My goal is to produce the best reviews of astrology software available anywhere. Producing those reviews has proven VERY time-intensive. While I work up PDF and video reviews, David suggests a series of “How Do You Do That?” videos that focus on really neat features from different astrology software packages.

I’m kicking off the new YouTube channel for New Age Astrologer, “How Do You Do That?”,  with a video walk-through of the Drag and Drop functionality of Alphee Lavoies’ StarTrax Millenium software.

Click here to take a look at the video.

More videos are on the way!