Sun – Moon Blends (and the Ascendant, Too)

Grant Lewi wrote a book way back in 1935 that enabled the reader to “interpret” a horoscope in just 10 or 15 minutes. “Heaven Knows What” was an early example of cook book astrology. It relied upon a simple, yet profound piece of chart synthesis – the Sun-Moon blend. Lewi walks the reader through the interpretations for all 144 combinations of Sun and Moon.

My mentor, Noel Tyl, modernized the interpretations of Lewi (and made them more compact) in his book, “Synthesis and Counseling in Astrology.” He argues that the Sun-Moon blend establishes “a basis for synthesis that is all-pervasive within analysis of a particular horoscope.”

Like hemisphere analysis, the blend of the Sun and Moon is one of those pieces of analysis that an experienced astrologer can interpret with just a glance at any horoscope.

Joan McEvers takes a slightly different approach. She argues in “12 Times 12” that it’s the Sun-Ascendant blend that’s critical (the Ascendant is your Rising Sign). Like Lewi, McEvers offers the reader some cook book astrology at its very best and most profound. The Ascendant, after all, is “the chief expression of the personality (conduct, character, and outer experience).” She interprets all 144 combinations of the Sun and Ascendant.

To my knowledge, no one has dared – even in this day of self-publishing –  to write out all 1,728 interpretations (12 * 12 * 12) for the Sun-Moon-Ascendant blend. That would be an immense astrological cook book.

The Sun, the Moon, and the Ascendant are each key to understanding the individual psychology. (Yes, the planets matter for individual psychological development. Especially, the inner planets together with the social planets: Mars, Jupiter and Saturn).

So, why focus on just the Sun-Moon or Sun-Ascendant blend? The simple answer is that these are combinations an astrologer can identify and interpret with just a sweep of the eye across the horoscope.

We need a way into the horoscope as we begin to digest it. With the Sun-Moon blend, we take the horoscope and break off a meaningful bite. A piece of data we can reassemble with other pieces into a useful synthesis that extracts the essential information from a horoscope.

Most horoscopes have no hemisphere emphasized.  But, they all have a Sun-Moon blend.

I use the Sun-Moon blend together with the Ascendant during the first few minutes with every consultation. Most clients immediately identify with at least part of the Sun-Moon-Ascendant blend. Their eyes will grow wide and they’ll exclaim, “Yes. That’s me!”

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