A Neat Trick

I figured out a neat trick with Solar Fire and the Microsoft Windows Paint program that makes it easy to superimpose a Local Space (LS) map onto Google Map.

I used it to make LS maps for my city and for my home.

Consulting astrologers will likely find this a popular addition to give their client during a consultation.

Once you get familiar with the steps, it only takes a couple of minutes to produce a professional LS map.

The first step is to go to Google Maps and select a local map. If you’re doing a town or city, that will likely be the city center. If you’re doing a home or office, then select that address.

I’m going to assume you have only vanilla Windows rather than a screen capture utility like Snag-It. You can use the FN+PRTSC key combination to save a screenshot to the Windows clipboard.

Once you have the screenshot on the clipboard, open the Microsoft Windows Paint program. You can find it under Windows Accessories. Then, paste from the clipboard with the CTRL+V key combination. This will load your Google Map into Microsoft Windows Paint.

The next step is to edit the map. I magnified the map by 150% and cropped it. Here’s the result.

Now we go into Solar Fire. Under Chart | Locality and create a Relocated Chart. Select that chart and go to View | Solar Maps… There, you select Chart | View Local Horizon Chart. That’s the name for a LS map in Solar Fire (Local Horizon Chart). Click the Copy button and select the option for Clipboard.

The next step is the only trick to this process. You have to make sure that the Selection in Microsoft Windows Paint is set to Transparent mode. I’m using the Microsoft Windows Paint version in Microsoft Windows 10. Different versions might select this option differently. You’ll notice in the image below, I’ve checked the option under the Select button for Selection Options to Transparent selection.

That last step is critical! Forget it, and you’ll paste the LS Map with a white background. (No big deal, if that does happens. Just press CTRL+Z to undo the paste. Then, make the correct selection. Paste again.)

Now, just press CTRL+V to paste your LS Map right over top of your Google Map. You can drag the selection right where you want it!

The final step is to save your image.


If you want a PDF version of this tip, please click this link: Superimpose a Local Space Map on Google Maps

A video demo is available on YouTube. Click here to view.

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  1. Thank you, this is awesome! I am still learning how to use Solar Fire and I appreciate tips like this more than I can say. For that matter, I’m new at astro-cartography so this is very helpful!

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