More on Context

I wrote a blog entry on why context matters. (Context is Everything)

Most of the cookbook interpretations you’re likely to read online, in books, etc. assume that the client is an adult somewhere in their 20’s to 50’s. That’s a good “golden mean” to aim at for age when you need to write a  general-purpose interpretation.

The problem is, not every client is in their 20’s to 50’s. Some are younger. Many are older. These clients deserve a consultation that focuses on their special needs.

Consider a young child. Her parents want a consultation. She’s 5. The context is simply wrong to talk about sexual matters. Yes, there is the occasional child who ends up later marrying someone from their childhood who is eighteen years their senior.

Consider a senior. Someone in their 80’s. Discussions of career should assume less prominence.

Women face an ever-changing, ever more demanding world. While there is overlap between the concerns of men and women, there are also important differences. Our consultations – to be really effective – need to address those differences in a positive, constructive way.

When we adopt a one interpretation “fits all” approach, we force the individual to fit the horoscope. That’s not the way it’s supposed to work. Our role as humanistic astrologers is to fit the horoscope to the individual.

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