When Rectification is Unnecessary

I read Bill Meridian’s recent rectification of Donald Trump’s birth time. It appeared in Dell Horoscope.

My immediate reaction was, why rectify a birth time that already fits events so well?

My experience is clients who live their lives unconsciously and without insight or examination have the more dramatic and extreme transiting planetary influences. I, therefore, expect transits and Solar Arcs to fit Donald Trump’s natal chart extremely well (assuming the birth time is correct).

This is precisely what we find, when we try to time events using the time from his birth certificate. There appears to be no reason to rectify his birth time, especially given the paucity of timed event data for Donald Trump.

The first image is the natal chart for Donald Trump. It appears to fit his public persona extremely well.

He has Sun in Gemini, conjunct his North Node and Uranus in the 10th house. Gemini often comes with a dual personality. He’s a natural-born salesman. Uranus adds brashness, his intense rebellious streak. Mercury ruling the 10th emphasizes his public career in the media spotlight.

Mercury ruling the 10th from Cancer implies a tendency to mix family and business.

Mercury squares Neptune in the 2nd and semi-sextiles Pluto in the 12th. This is consistent with Donald Trump’s obsession for power, money, wealth, status.

The square between Mercury and Neptune helps explain his tendency to make confusing and contradictory statements.

Saturn conjunct Venus in Cancer is associated with an insecurity with women.

The Sun-Uranus conjunction trine Jupiter implies good luck in business. The trine also reinforces a marked tendency towards a brash unpredictability.

Mars in Leo on the Ascendant helps explain his much-demonstrated volatile temperament.

I could dig in a lot deeper, but the point is that the astrology of his birth chart fits what we know about Donald Trump very well.

It’s my argument that the timing of transits and Solar Arcs (SA) also fit his birth time on his birth certificate. There is no need to replace this recorded birth time with a rectified birth time.

We need accurate birth times. Even recorded birth times can be in error. That’s precisely why we check our predictions against actual events with our clients.

Rather than presume an inaccurate birth time (10:54 is a very specific recorded time), we can test Donald Trump’s recorded birth time against known historical events.

The event that I’m going to reference is Special Counsel Mueller’s indictment of 13 individuals on February 16th of this year. It’s a political event with far-reaching personal implications for Donald Trump.

The remaining two biwheels are the transits and Solar Arc directions for the Mueller indictments.

The transits are the start of a period of negative planetary confluence. Pluto is at 20 Capricorn, inconjunct to his North Node. Neptune/Moon/Venus are in his 7th house of open enemies and legal trouble. Their midpoint is inconjunct to Pluto in the 12th.

The transits are not all bad news. For example, there’s Uranus trine Pluto in the 12th. Trump is able to rally allies and a wide swath of the public to his defense.

SA Jupiter is opposed to Uranus. This signals a difficulty with follow-through. Intentions and plans are often thwarted by an inability to actually realize them.

SA Sun square Jupiter warns against excess expansion in actions and attitudes. Trump will likely be tempted to consistently overreach his actual capabilities.

SA Moon square Mars is a highly emotional, combustible, and passionate combination. This square brings intense feelings and moods to a crisis point. Donald Trump would likely vent this great energy into projects like reshuffling his cabinet.

SA Midheaven square Jupiter reinforces his tendency to think “It’s all about me.”

Again, it’s possible to dig in deeper on the transits and SA directions for this event. Other events could be tested. There’s more than enough in the astrology of Donald Trump for a small book.

Rectification requires a lot of time. When we replace a recorded birth time with an educated guess at a birth time (i.e., rectification), it should be because the birth chart consistently fails at the prediction of significant life events. That’s not the case with Donald Trump’s recorded birth time.

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