What is a “person-centered, humanistic” approach to astrology?

Modern astrologers reject fatalism. The Sun, Moon, and planets do not control our lives. No one is controlled by their horoscope. Horoscopes present dispositions. Tendencies. Not everything in a horoscope will manifest during the life of the individual. Plenty will happen that our horoscope does not reveal.

We have free will. Our horoscope might, for example, suggest a move in the near future. We can choose to stay put. The horoscope isn’t “wrong.” We made a conscious decision to do otherwise.

Modern astrologers put the person at the center of our analysis. Context is everything.

Some people believe every horoscope is unique. Maybe. But there will be many people born at the same or nearly the same time on any given day. Their horoscopes might differ hardly at all. Yet, each will be a very different individual. Different genetics. Different upbringing. Different cultures. From the moment of birth, their life experiences will be different. Every individual expresses their horoscope differently.

Our horoscope captures a powerful set of influences on our behavior and point of view. The factors in our horoscopes are not the only influences on us. They are not even necessarily the strongest influences.

Modern astrologers talk in generalities. Probabilities. Expectations. Horoscopes suggest. Horoscopes describe the influences that are likely to be felt at a given time. How long those feelings will last. When those feelings will be strongest. Armed with such knowledge, the individual can make better-informed life choices.

Astrologers cannot tell what exactly will happen to you. That crosses the line from astrology into the realm of the psychic. We cannot determine whether you’ll perceive those influences as “good” or “bad.” That depends on your individual psychology.

Modern astrologers combine the best of traditional astrological knowledge and psychology. We focus on self-understanding and psychological growth.

I begin my consultations with a brief comment. “Let’s take a look at your horoscope. See how much of it applies to your life.” Right from the start, I’m signaling the client that their horoscope is open to interpretation. 100% accuracy is unrealistic, if we respect the role of free will, family dynamics, genetics, culture, and numerous other determinants of human behavior.

My goal as an astrologer is to help clients come to new insights about their life-choices and how they can change their behaviors in the present so they’re happier human beings going forward.