Astrological Factors Associated with Mass Shootings

I made another presentation today to the 2018 Kepler Conference. The topic was my recent research into astrological factors associated with mass shooting events (MSEs) in the United States. The discussion was lively. The audience was great. I promised to make the presentation available for download. So here it is. Just click on the link for the PowerPoint file.

Astrological Factors Associated with Mass Shootings.

Astrologers Who Scare People

I make the rounds of astrology FaceBook forums, and I see more than a few posts that purposely try to scare people.

Some of the worse offenders are trying to drive people to their sites. They hope to build an audience addicted to their histrionics.

It appears that others are just seeking attention.

They prey on people who know little or no astrology.

As example from tonight should suffice. “The Moon is going to enter Pisces in 9 hours. Are YOU ready for this???”

Several were frightened by this announcement. Unnecessarily. Excuse me for pointing out the obvious to experienced astrologers. The Moon moves through the entire Zodiac in a little over 28 days. That’s 13 times a years (and a fraction). The Sun spends 2-3 days in each sign at a time. In other words, the Moon entering Pisces is a common celestial event.

Ethical astrologers try their best not to frighten people.

Not only is fearmongering an objectionable practice for drumming up business, but the astrology behind these apocalyptic announcements is almost always bad.

The announcement above gives readers the impression that isolated transits are something to fear. Experienced astrologers know that isolated transits are not to be feared. They often pass unnoticed. Transits need to activate progressions, solar arcs, or natal configurations in the individual birth chart before  we should expect a significant effect.

We need to consider the entire birth chart to determine the effect of any transit on an individual. I also look at Solar Arcs and the Secondary Progressed (SP) Moon when forecasting the effects of transits.

As a humanistic astrologer, my biggest complaint is that these “roosters” of the astrology world peddle the idea of blaming the planets for what happens to us here on Earth.

The configuration of the planets in a birth chart expresses potential. It does not, in and of itself, determine what happens to us. Human decisions are a mix of birth chart, environment, heredity, free will, and other influences. With free will being the critical determinant for the humanistic astrologer.

The August 21st Solar Eclipse

There will be a total solar eclipse on August 21st. It will occur at 28 Leo 53, conjunct with the fixed star Regulus.

There’s a certain amount of hysteria on the Internet right now about this eclipse. My best advice. Keep a level head. In a typical year, there will be two lunar and two solar eclipses. An eclipse is not an event to be feared.

What makes this eclipse different? The path of the total eclipse crosses the United States.

Eclipses do signal a time for change, and change frightens some people. Trust in the idea that the change any eclipse brings to you is what is needed at the moment. Resistance will likely bring hardship.

Significant mundane events occur in every century that coincide with eclipses. That’s why eclipses are a particular interest of mundane astrologers.

Two reasons for all the hype about this particular eclipse is its strong aspects to the famous “Sibley” chart of the United States Declaration of Independence and to the birth chart of President Donald Trump. There is plenty of Internet speculation about possible effects on the United States and President Trump. Depending on the astrologer making the predictions, the expected changes range from positive to catastrophic.

The effect of an eclipse on you depends on a number of astrological factors, some of which including the following:

  • whether you have any planets, points, or angles that aspect the eclipse;
  • the orb of influence for those aspects;
  • the houses for the Leo-Aquarius axis in your birth chart; and
  • how you relate to areas of the chart affected by the eclipse.

Stretching the Truth

It’s understandable that we astrologers want to demonstrate that our techniques provide accurate results. Astrology is castigated by the more respectable sciences as a pseudo-science, a quasi-science, or worse.

However well-intentioned, we do astrology a disservice when we “stretch the truth” in the evidence we marshal to support a particular technique.

I’ve been studying for the Astro*Carto*Graphy Certification Exam. There are two case studies that are very common in the written literature on Astro*Carto*Graphy. The first is the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy (JFK) in Dallas, TX on 22 November 1963. The other is UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Both cases contain misstatements.

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