Context Is Everything

Some clients confuse astrologers and psychics. They assume, once they give us their birth details, we’ll know everything there is to know about them as individuals.

Astrology doesn’t work that way. It’s not a crystal ball.

I can tell you, with near certainty, you have one or more “astrological twins” in the world. Somewhere there are people with birth charts so similar to yours, it makes no practical difference at all. Their lives, also with near certainty, will be very different from yours. The contexts in which your life and theirs unfold will be different.

Another way to think about this, is multiple births. Twins, triplets, etc. They’ll share the same horoscope, except for a degree or two difference on the angles. Do they lead identical lives? No. The contexts of their lives differ.

Horoscopes represent contingent possibilities. Most of the features in our horoscopes become manifest at some point in our lives, as features of our personality, events in our lives, etc. Some, however, do not.

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Readings vs. Consultations

An astrological reading is a performance. The astrologer does all (or very nearly all) the talking. They proceed from one measurement to the next, telling the client what it means. They’ll throw around lots of jargon, too. Uranus in the 10th house means this. Sun opposed Pluto means that.

Astrological reports you can buy here or elsewhere on the Internet are computer-generated readings.

A consultation is very different. It’s a discussion. The astrologer doesn’t dominate the conversation. We talk together about your life, based on your horoscope. There’s no jargon. (Not unless the client has some knowledge of astrology and introduces it.)

We tend to think every horoscope is unique. This isn’t so. Many people can share nearly-identical horoscopes and these individuals can lead very different lives.

It takes discussion to put your life and your horoscope in context. To give you that, we can’t just perform. We need to ask questions.

If you want to be treated as a unique individual, you want a consultation, not a reading.