Forecasting Reports


TimeLine report tells you exactly what planetary influences are at play in your life, and when, and how these influences will be relevant to you, based on your own personal birth chart.

$14.95 for six months. Click here for a .PDF sample.



You can read your daily horoscope in the paper . Until you read a forecast prepared by an astrologer, you won’t be getting what you need.

$14.95 for six months. Click here for a .PDF sample.


Life Progressions

Life Progressions gives you a sense of the big picture. This report describes where and when you are in your life, and offers advice on how to use these times to your greatest advantage.

$14.95    Click here for a .PDF sample.


Lunar Return

What you get in your personal Lunar Return report is an overview of what you’re likely to feel and experience through the month. You also get a day-by-day look at lunar events.

$14.95 for three months.   Click here for a .PDF sample.


Solar Report

Once a year, near your birthday, the Sun returns where it was at the instant of your birth. A Solar Return report describes the influences that will affect you in the coming year.

$14.95    Click here for a .PDF sample.


Life Landscape

Astrologers agree that the movement of the planet Saturn, the great timekeeper, is a planet that affects all of us. It marks out a path that all must follow, ready or not.

$14.95    Click here for a .PDF sample.